The Ultimate Cargo Net For The Passenger Seat!

The Netcessity Seat Caddy is the perfect solution to keep your things from hitting the floor when you hit the brakes!


What happens to items in the seat when you hit the brakes?!

The Netcessity Seat Caddy  is an easy to use, convenient, expandable and fully collapsible mesh net designed to keep things in the passenger seat from shifting or falling to the floor while you are driving, make a sudden stop, or turn a corner. 

The Netcessity Seat Caddy fits any passenger seat in your car, minivan, SUV or boat. It works on second-row and third-row seats, too!

No construction required; no bolts, nuts or screws are needed to install the seat caddy.

Save Your Stuff!

The Netcessity keeps everything in place and within easy reach: your handbag, man bag, briefcase, laptop, groceries, cellphone, wallet, lunch bag, gym bag, fast food, cakes, floral arrangements; you name it!

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