The Ultimate Cargo Net For The Passenger Seat!


See What Our Customers Are Raving About!

Many thanks to our customers for sharing your comments about the Netcessity Seat Caddy and how it is making a difference in your life!

". . . this net thing is the bomb!" - Stefana A.

"I love mine and can't imagine life without it now!"  - Alice W.

"I really like this! Works great for people who work out of their car. I've told all of my coworkers about it. It is very much needed!!" - Kristi N.

“This is perfect, and such an obvious answer to a ubiquitous problem!!!”   - Rose Anne H.

"It's so convenient. And when I need the seat for a passenger it's easy to just push it down to the bottom of the seat out of the way, and then raise it back up when I need it." - Frankie O.

"Wow-this looks fantastic! Installing was easy peasy. I have TV screens on the back of my headrests and it works great! It is really good quality. Items fit snug when the net is lower on my seat too! I’m lovin’ it!" - Pamela P. 

"This is really going to help me! My purse was always rolling off the seat! I think it’s fabulous. I can't wait to share with my friends." - Lynn K.

"Well, first and foremost it saved my Chick Fil A!! Also, I was surprised when I realized how much I used to put my arm out to catch things from falling out of my seat! Now I don't need to do that!  I put it in the back seat too to hold my tennis stuff. Works great and really convenient!" -Stephanie A. 

"Let me slam my breaks real quick cause my bucket purse isn't going anywhere!!!! This fits great! I didn’t even have to adjust it. I tried installing before reading instructions and got it on quickly." - Krista J.

"Love my Netcessity!!" - Kellie S.

"The instructions were better than what we usually get. I had to improvise a little because I don't have headrest posts in my Tesla. So I just cris-crossed the elastic cord behind the seat and pulled it around the headrest to the front. Works great!" - Michael K.