The Ultimate Cargo Net For The Passenger Seat!

Installation Instructions

Step 1.


To start, find the grommet hole at the top band of the net.

Slip both the bottom band and the top band (in that order) over the headrest.  

Or, unbuckle the elastic straps and wrap around the seat to re-buckle behind the back of the seat.

Step 2.


Push the seat caddy down to the crevice of the seat.

Step 3.


Pull the top band up to your preferred height on the seat. The grommet hole should be centered at the top.

Step 4.


Adjust the elastic straps at the buckles on the back, as preferred.

Step 5.


The elastic cord in the top band can be used to retain taller items. 

Criss-cross the cord and pull through or around the headrest to the front of the seat.

Push the cord lock through the grommet hole.

Squeeze the ends of the lock to adjust the cord, then release to lock.

Step 6.


When the seat is needed for a passenger, simply collapse the seat caddy down.

When needed again, just raise the top band up to the desired height.

Installation Video

Check out this great video to  watch installation steps.